Zumbi AI Arts Society.

A closed community of investors, art collectors, and people open to the influence of technology in art.

You can join by receiving an invitation from a member of the society.


You’ll receive personalized AI work of art.


Personalized image, painted by artificial intelligence (AI). You can order a display in a decorative (gold-plated or silver-plated) wooden frame, made to order.

Ownership is assigned to the owner via blockchain technology.

Virtual version of the image in the form of NFT.

Discord for Investors, as long as you own an NFT.

The Artistic Society meets annually during an exhibition and a gala dinner.

We capture and personalize a turning point in human history – the birth of artificial intelligence.


Values: passion, sport, art.

Receive membership.

If you have an invitation – fill in the form and enter the CODE you received from the Zumbi AI Arts Society Member.

Second layer

We started from there. The second layer is a limited functional art for cycling enthusiasts who (just like us) have a fondness for skateboarding.

Najniższe ceny w klubie rekompensują dłuższy czas oczekiwania na realizację zamówienia.

Nie chcesz czekać i wolisz kupić towar od ręki?

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